E-5101-J03-395-MARC CAIN

Babyskin blouse

MARCCAIN has done it again with this no fuss collared/cuffed shirt. The benefit is in the buttons….faux except for the top four! So pull this shirt on, quickly button or not and go! Excellent layering piece and so easy for work, fun and travel.

• Features:
o Layers without adding any bulk
o Doesn’t ride up when sitting down
o Feels like a dream
o Gives you a crisp collar and cuff under sweaters and jackets without the maintenance of a “traditional” white blouse
o Works with your body temperature so you are not too hot or cold.

• Fiber Content:
o Collar & Cuff: 67% Cotton, 28% Poly, 5% Elastane.
o Body: 87% Poly 13% Elastane

• Care:
o Machine wash on delicate cycle and hang to dry